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Editing Group Information
Group Information
You can edit the information for a group defined in the internal system directory service. If a group is defined in an external directory service, you must update the external directory service directory to change settings that My webMethods Server obtains from the external directory. For a list of the fields that My webMethods Server maintains for a group, see Group Information.
To edit a group
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > User Management > Groups.
*As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Management > Manage Groups.
2. Search for the group you want to edit. For more information, see Searching for Existing Users, Groups, or Roles.
3. In the search results, click any link in the row of the group you want to edit or click the Edit icon .
4. Make the changes you want to the group information and click Save (Apply in system administration).
For a description of all the fields on each panel, including whether you can update a field or whether a field is view-only, see Group Information.
My webMethods Server displays the information grouped on various panels. After making changes to information on a single panel, be sure to click Save (Apply in system administration) to save your changes before selecting another panel.
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