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Disabling User Accounts
You can prevent users from logging into My webMethods Server based on the value of a specified attribute in an external directory service.
webMethods products that use Common Directory Services for authentication, such as Integration Server and Optimize are affected by this feature. A user disabled in My webMethods Server is disabled in those other products as well.
To disable user accounts for an external directory service.
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > My webMethods > Directory Services > List Directory Services.
*As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Management > Directory Services Administration > List New Directory Services.
2. On the List Directory Services panel, do one of the following:
*Click the name of the directory service.
*Click the Tools icon ( in My webMethods) for the directory service and then click Properties.
3. Locate the properties needed to disable user accounts.
*For an LDAP, ADSI, or ADAM directory service, look in the User Attributes section.
*For a database directory service, look in the Attributes section.
4. In the User Disabled field, type the name of the attribute in the external directory service that will determine the User Disabled status.
The exact value is dependent on the external directory service and the class of users you want to disable.
5. In the User Disabled Value Regex field, type a regular expression to match against the value of the User Disabled property. When the value matches, the user is disabled
6. After making your changes, click Apply.
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