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Disabling NTLMv2 Authentication
If you have NTLMv2 enabled, you need to disable it before configuring NTLM.
To disable NTLMv2 Authentication
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > NTLMv2 Authentication Administration.
2. In the NTLMv2 Enabled field, make sure No, NTLMv2 is disabled is set and click Submit.
3. Delete the Jespa and Java CIFS libraries from this location:
Software AG_directory /MWS/lib/ext
4. To de-reference the libraries and reconfigure the server:
a. At a command line prompt, type the following command to move to the server’s bin directory:
cd /Software AG_directory\MWS\bin
b. Type mws stop.
c. Type mws update.
d. Type mws start.
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