Dynamic Apps Platform : Administering My webMethods Server : Managing Workspaces in My webMethods Server : Workspace Actions You Can Perform from the Workspace Management Page : Deleting a Workspace
Deleting a Workspace
If you no longer need a workspace, you can delete it. If you want to save a backup of the workspace before deleting it, you can export it to a file first. For instructions, see Exporting Workspaces.
To delete workspaces
1. Search for the workspaces that you want to delete. For instructions, see Performing a Keyword Search for Workspaces or Performing an Advanced Search for Workspaces.
2. If you want to notify users that share the workspace about the deletion, select the Notify collaborators when a workspace is deleted check box.
3. You can delete workspaces by performing either of the following:
*In the search results, select the check box beside each workspace that you want to delete, and click Delete.
*In the row for a workspace you want to delete, click and select Delete Workspace.
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