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Customizing the My webMethods Workspace Tools
System administrators can update the My webMethods tools navigation to modify or completely replace the standard My webMethods tools with a custom taxonomy.
In your customization, you can use existing tools, including the default tools that are listed on the Tools tab of the system administrator user interface when in editing a page. Many of the available system administrator page editing tools are described in the My webMethods Server Portlet Reference. You can also add custom tools that you create and deploy to My webMethods Server.
Tools are portlets. You can create portlets using Software AG Designer.
To customize the My webMethods Workspace Tools navigation
1. As system administrator, create a new folder that will be the tools root folder and will hold your custom taxonomy. Add the new folder to this location: Folders > System > Palette Registry.
2. If you want sections in your tools taxonomy, create folders in your custom tools root folder. The name you assign each folder will become a section name on the Tools tab of the My webMethods navigation.
3. To add existing tools to your taxonomy, use the Administration Dashboard > Content > Publish portlet to publish instances of folders, forms, links, or portlets into the custom tools taxonomy.
For example, you can publish existing tools that are available to My webMethods Server system administrators when in page editing mode.
4. If you want to include custom tools, create them and save them in a folder within your custom tools root folder.
A tool can be any portlet. You can create custom tools using Software AG Designer and then deploy them to My webMethods Server.
5. Configure the properties of the Leftnav page that My webMethods Server uses for the My webMethods navigation to point it to you new, custom tools root folder.
a. Navigate to this location: Folders > System > Shell Sections > Noodle Shell Leftnav > Leftnav.
b. In the row for the Leftnav page, select Tools > Properties.
c. In the Tools Root field, type the name you assigned your custom tools root folder.
The name you specify in the Tools Root field must be a folder or page that resides in Folder > System > Palette Registry.
d. Click Apply.
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