Dynamic Apps Platform : Administering My webMethods Server : Working with Shells in My webMethods Server : Creating a New Shell
Creating a New Shell
The first step in constructing a new shell is to create it using an existing shell as a parent. A new shell initially inherits all of its properties from its parent. These properties (or shell sections) are: Header, Footer, Leftnav, Rightnav, and Titlebar. You can replace any of these sections with a new, custom shell section.
To create a new shell
1. As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Interface > Shell Administration > Create New Shell.
2. In the Name field, type a name for the shell.
This name has no character restrictions.
3. (Optional) In the Description field, type a description of the shell.
The description appears in the list of shells on the Shell Administration page.
4. From the Parent Shell list, choose the shell from which the new shell will inherit any unspecified properties.
The system default shell is selected by default.
5. Click Create.
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