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Configuring Push Notifications in My webMethods Server
You configure push notifications in My webMethods Server after you register your mobile application with the push notification service for the respective operating system.
1. As sysadmin, navigate to Folders > Adminisrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Mobile Push Notification Administration.
2. Click Add New App.
3. On the Mobile App Config page, specify the name of your mobile application and the application details, as follows.
*For Android applications:
End Point URL
The endpoint of the send API from your registration with Google Cloud Messaging.
The OAuth authorization token for your application, as registered with the Google Cloud Messaging.
*For iOS applications:
Host Name
The URL of the Apple Push Notification service from your registration with iStore.
Port Number
The number of the port to use for SSL communication with the iStore push notification service. The default port number is 2195.
Certificate Path
The full path to the location of the SSL certificate from your registration with iStore.
The password to use to connect to iStore.
4. Click Submit.
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