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Configuring My webMethods Server to Use MySQL Enterprise Edition
You do not need to configure the MySQL native driver when you use MySQL Enterprise Edition.
To configure My webMethods Server for MySQL Enterprise Edition
1. Go to Software AG_directory \MWS\server\default\config and open the mws.db.xml file in a text editor.
Following is a sample mws.db.xml file.

<CONNECTION default="true" displayname="Default" id="1" name="default"
<!-- Password could be specified in clear text,
it will be automatically encrypted during MWS startup-->
<!-- Max amount of idle time (in seconds) of the objects pooled by
this pool -->
<!-- Time (in seconds) between eviction runs -->
2. Specify values for the following tags in the file to access MySQL Enterprise Edition:
a. Type your database name inside the <URL></URL> tags.
b. Type your user name inside the <USER></USER> tags.
c. Type your password inside the <PASSWORD></PASSWORD> tags.
3. Save the file.
4. Add the following properties to your MySQL configuration file, which is My.ini on Windows and My.cnf on Linux.

5. Save the file and restart your MySQL database server.
6. Start My webMethods Server.
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