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Configuring Jetty Listeners to Use IP Addresses
Jetty creates several listening ports on the My webMethods Server.
*Ports for HTTP and HTTPS
*Random socket acceptor ports for HTTP and HTTPS
If you have installed My webMethods Server on server hardware with multiple network interfaces, you can bind the HTTP listener ports to a single IP address. Use this procedure to configure a specific IP address to the port used by the Jetty listeners.
Configuring the Jetty listening ports requires specifying the IP addresses in the jetty.xml configuration file.
To configure specific IP addresses to be used by Jetty listeners
1. Open the jetty.xml file in an editor and go to the HTTP and HTTPS connectors element.
2. In each element, locate the following property set:
<Set name="Host"></Set>
When the value is, Jetty can use all available IP addresses.
3. Replace the value to bind a listener to a specific IP address.
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