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Configuring IP Addresses in GLUE Web Services Registry
If your instance of My webMethods Server has Central Configuration installed, the GLUE web services registry was created to use a range of ports from 16000 to 16025. You configure the IP address in the GlueServiceRegistryProperties.xml file to use a specific IP address.
If you have installed My webMethods Server on server hardware with multiple network interfaces, you can bind the HTTP listener ports to a single IP address. Use this procedure to configure a specific IP address to the port used by the GLUE web services registry.
To configure a specific IP address
1. Go the installation directory for My webMethods Server, navigate to MWS/server/default/config/engine, and open the GlueServiceRegistryProperties.xml file in an editor.
2. Look for the following property:
<entry key="service.address"></entry>
3. Replace the value,, with the IP address.
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