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Checking Status Information About a Cluster
You can update status information for the nodes in a cluster or a standalone server manually.
To see status information about nodes in a cluster
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > My webMethods > Cluster Settings > Cluster Status and Control.
*As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Cluster Administration > Cluster Status and Control.
2. To update the status information on the Status and Control page, click Refresh.
The Status and Control page has the following fields:
Indicator of whether the node is running or not. Click the icon for a node to update individual status. Click to update status for all nodes. The status icons are:
The node is running
The node is stopped
The node name assigned to the node. If you click the node name, the browser connects directly to the node using the current window. You can change this name manually, as described in Renaming a Node.
The cluster roles currently assigned to the node.
The time since the node was last started in days, hours, and minutes.
The number of active users for the node. This number may not equal the exact number of logged-in users because it can include guest sessions and abandoned sessions.
Actions you can take on the node, as described in Restarting or Stopping Individual Nodes in a Cluster.
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