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Changing the JMX Listener Port
The default Java Management Extensions (JMX) listener port is 5002. If multiple instances of My webMethods Server are running on the same computer, or if another application is already using that port, you must assign a different port number. You change the JMX listener port in the com.softwareag.jmx.connector.pid-5002.properties file.
To change the JMX listener port
1. In a text editor, open the com.softwareag.jmx.connector.pid-5002.properties file for the server instance. The file is in the Software AG_directory \profiles\MWS_serverName\configuration\ com.softwareag.platform.config.propsloader directory.
2. Edit the port=number line with the new JMX listener port number, and then save the file.
3. Restart My webMethods Server.
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