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Changing the JCR Repository RMI Listener Ports
When using a remote Java Content Repository (JCR), the connection to the JCR is implemented using an RMI to communicate with the client My webMethods Server. My webMethods Server uses the following ports for the JCR RMI connection:
*rmiPort. The port for the RMI registry. The default port number is 10999.
*rmiServerObjectPort. The port used by the remote client to communicate with the remote object that is provided by My webMethods Server. The default port number is 10998. A value of 0 (zero) generates a random port number.
If your server is protected by a firewall and you want to allow remote JCR connections to My webMethods Server, you must configure your firewall to open both the rmiPort and the rmiServerObjectPort. In that scenario, you should use a non-zero value for the rmiServerObjectPort so that the port number does not change every time My webMethods Server is restarted.
To change the rmiPort or rmiServerObjectPort number from the default
1. As system administrator, go to Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > CAF Application Runtime Configuration.
2. In the Keywords field, type wm_mws_config to search for the wm_mws_config deployed application.
My webMethods Server returns the Administration application in the search results.
3. Click Administration > Web Application > Environment Entries.
4. In the rmiPort and rmiServerObjectPort fields, type new values for the port numbers and click Apply.
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