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Changing HTTP and HTTPS Listener Ports
If you are using webMethods Monitor and change the My webMethods Server default listening port of 8585, you get an Access Denied error on the Administration > Business Processes page in My webMethods. To resolve this issue, specify the non-default port number in the MWS SAML Resolver URL field on the Settings > Resources page in Integration Server Administrator.
To change HTTP and HTTPS listener ports for a My webMethods Server instance
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > My webMethods > Cluster Settings > Advanced or Cluster Configuration.
*As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Cluster Administration > Advanced or Cluster Configuration.
2. In the HTTP PORT field, type the port number to be used by the HTTP listener.
This field must always have a valid port number.
3. In the HTTPS PORT field, type the port number to be used by the HTTPS listener.
A value of 0 (zero) in this field disables the listener.
For information about the default digital certificates, used by the HTTPS Listener, see Certificates Used for Secure Connections.
4. Click Submit.
5. Restart My webMethods Server.
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