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Backing Out of a Change to the cluster.xml File
If you use the Cluster Administration page to make a change to a cluster.xml file that introduces an error, you can return to the previous configuration using the cluster.xml.bak file. A My webMethods Server instance does not have to be running, but the My webMethods Server database does.
To back out of a change to the cluster.xml file
1. At a command line prompt on any machine that hosts a cluster node, move to the bin directory of the server instance:
Software AG_directory \MWS\bin
2. To retrieve the cluster.xml.bak file from the My webMethods Server database, type this command:
mws getconfig cluster.xml.bak
3. Change the name of cluster.xml.bak to cluster.xml.
4. To deploy the revised cluster.xml file to the My webMethods Server database, at the command line prompt type this command:
mws putconfig cluster.xml
5. Delete the cluster.xml file from the \serverName\config directory.
If you do not delete the cluster.xml file, this node will continue to use the local version of the file.
6. Restart the cluster, as described in Restarting or Stopping All Nodes in a Cluster.
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