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Allowing Users to Access the Workspace Management Page
My webMethods includes the Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > Workspace Management page that allows users to take actions against workspaces. For a description, see Workspace Actions You Can Perform from the Workspace Management Page.
By default, only My webMethods administrators have access to the Workspace Management page; end users do not. However, end users can perform many of the same actions from the right-click menu in the Workspaces section of the My webMethods navigation and from the menu on the tab of an open workspace. The workspace actions that are only available via the Workspace Management page are:
*Searching for workspaces.
*Exporting workspaces to a file.
*Importing workspaces that were previously exported to a file.
System administrators and My webMethods administrators can assign permissions to allow users, groups, and/or roles to access the Workspace Management page.
To allow users access the Workspace Management page
1. Navigate to the Permissions Management page.
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > Permissions Management.
*As system administrator: Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Permissions Management.
2. Use the Permissions Management page to select the users, groups, and/or roles to which you want to grant access and to set the access privilege to the Workspace Management Page.
When setting privileges, in the Permissions tree select the following:
Access Privileges > Administration > System-Wide > Workspace Management
For instructions for how to use the Permissions Management page to set access privileges, see Access Privileges and Functional Privileges.
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