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Adding Permissions
The basic workflow in assigning permissions is to search for the resources on which to assign permissions.
To assign permissions
1. To navigate to the correct page, do one of the following:
*In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-Wide > Permissions Management.
*As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Permissions Management.
2. On the Search panel, from the Resource Type list, choose the resource type to be managed.
Resource type
webMethods Applications
webMethods applications that are installed in this instance of My webMethods.
Tasks associated with webMethods Task Engine.
Workspaces that have been created on this instance of My webMethods.
Content Object
(System administrator only) Any resource on this instance of My webMethods Server, including files, folders, and pages.
Portlet Types
(System administrator only) Portlet types installed on this instance of My webMethods Server.
Security Realm
(System administrator only) Security realms created on this instance of My webMethods Server. For more information, see Using Security Realms.
3. If needed, apply a filter to narrow the search.
When you choose a Resource Type, a FILTER list appears with a defined set of filtering criteria. There are no filtering criteria for the webMethods Applications Resource Type because all installed applications are included.
a. From the FILTER list, choose the filtering criteria.
For example, Workspace Name.
b. Type a value to be searched for.
c. If you need to add an additional filtering criterion, click or (depending on what type of administrator you are).
4. Click Search.
The results of the search appear in the Found list.
5. Move resources into the Selected list.
You can perform multiple searches to add resources to the list. Also, you can save searches to make it easier to locate the same resources again. For more information, see Working with Saved Searches.
6. On the Edit Permissions panel, click Add Users/Groups/Roles, search for Principals and move them to the Selected list.
You can perform multiple searches to add Principals to the list. For more information, see Searching for Existing Users, Groups, or Roles.
7. After all Principals have been selected, click Add.
The Permissions panel is displayed in a tree format containing the permissions that can be granted or denied for the Resource Type.
8. Click the Grant or Deny option for the settings, click OK, and then click Apply.
If neither option is selected, permissions for a setting will be determined from another source.
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