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Adding Custom JAR Files
My webMethods Server runs in an Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) framework. You can add custom JAR files to the server instance, which converts those JAR files into OSGi bundles. If a JAR file is to be a fragment of another bundle, you can provide instructions in a bind file.
The following procedure describes how to add custom JAR files and how to attach a JAR file as a fragment bundle. For more information on bundles, see the OSGi Service Platform Core Specification.
To add custom JAR files
1. Copy the JAR file to this location:
Software AG_directory /MWS/lib
2. If the JAR file is to be a fragment of another bundle, do the following:
a. Create a file with the name jar_file_name.bnd where jar_file_name is the name of the custom JAR file, without the .jar extension.
b. In the bind file, add the instructions on how to bind the JAR file. For example:
# attach as fragment to the caf.server bundle
Fragment-Host: com.webmethods.caf.server
c. Place the bind file in the same directory where you placed the JAR file:
Software AG_directory /MWS/lib
3. Run the update command for the server instance.

Software AG_directory/MWS/bin/mws.[bat | sh] update
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