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Adding a Node to a Cluster
A node is automatically added to the cluster when you start it for the first time. The new node must have the same My webMethods Server database as the other nodes in the cluster and should have the same set of webMethods applications (such as Task Engine), My webMethods User Interfaces, and language packs on each node in the cluster.
To add a node to a cluster
1. Install the cluster node following instructions provided in Installing Software AG Products. You need to provide the following information:
*The HTTP port number for this server instance. The default value is 8585.
*The JDBC URL for the My webMethods Server database used by the cluster. This URL should include any additional properties needed to support database server failover.
2. Start the My webMethods Server instance.
The first time you start an additional node, it performs bootstrap activities and loads shared configuration files from the My webMethods Server database. The node is automatically added to the cluster.
3. After the new node initializes, reload the cluster configuration on the Cluster Administration page, or restart the cluster, as described in Restarting or Stopping All Nodes in a Cluster.
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