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Workspace Tools Available by Default
My webMethods provides tools for the end user to incorporate into a workspace. The tools are available in the Workspace Tools section of the Tools tab in the My webMethods navigation pane.
The following tools are available by default. For a description of each of these tools and their behavior, see Working with My webMethods:
Use to...
Enables the user to attach files to a workspace.
Enables the user to add links to other workspaces and to web sites.
Directory Browser
Enables the user to find identification information about other My webMethods users.
Enables the user to add formatted text to a workspace.
Enables the user to add an image to a workspace.
Enables the user to add simple, unformatted text to a workspace.
User Calendar
Enables the user to add a user’s calendar to a workspace.
It is possible to log in as sysadmin and customize the Workspace Tools list. Also, if you are working with an upgraded installation of My webMethods Server, some tools may be present that have been deprecated or removed with newer versions.
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