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Updating a My webMethods Server Instance
The following table lists the parameters to include when updating a My webMethods Server instance using the Command Central instance management commands.
sagcc update instances
Required. The ID of the My webMethods Server instance that you want to update. For example: MwsProgramFiles-test1.

Optional. Specifies whether to overwrite the component files in the Software AG_directory \MWS\server\serverName\deploy directory that are older than the components files in the Software AG_directory \MWS\components directory. Valid values are:
*true - overwrite component files in the \deploy directory.
*false - do not overwrite component files in the \deploy directory. This is the default value.
Optional. Specifies whether to update the generated My webMethods Server classpath. Specify one of the following values
*true - do not update the server classpath.
*false - update the server classpath. This is the default value.
Optional. The path to the platform installation directory. The default path is Software AG_directory .
Optional. Specifies how many seconds to wait for the command to complete before terminating the attempt to execute the command.
For more information about using the sagcc update instances command, see Software AG Command Central Help.
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