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The Components Tab of the Partition Page
The Components tab of a partition page contains information about the web applications and portlets that are part of that partition. The information on this tab reflects the settings you have created in the phase provider and partition properties files for the partition.
There are two tree views, depending on how you want to list the components.
Tree View
Lists components by category.
Lists components in order, regardless of category.
To switch between the two views, choose the Category Tree View option or the Portlet Tree View option.
A tree view of components. Expand a node to reveal the portlets that are part of the web application.
(Portlets tree view only) The name of the category to which a component belongs. Examples are Administration and Communication.
The name of the component as it is installed in My webMethods Server. This name is different from the descriptive name used in the Component column.
The status of the component. The status icons are:
The component is enabled in this partition.
The component is disabled in this partition.
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