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Panels of the System Information Page
The System Information page contains five panels. When you click a panel to bring it to the front, the page dynamically collects the data for display:
Panel and Heading
Information that is gleaned from the user's web request.
Request Information
Typical cgi-bin parameters describing the requested path.
Request Headers
Incoming HTTP headers.
Request Parameters
Incoming HTTP parameters on the URL.
Request Attributes
Attributes (objects) stored on the current request.
Response Information
Miscellaneous information, such as encoding and locale, gleaned from the request.
Session Misc
User session information.
Session Attributes
Attributes (objects) stored on the user’s session.
Locale Information
The current locale of the user.
Presentation Data
Various information used to render requests for this user.
Session Attributes
Portlet Controller Session objects associated with this user.
Request Attributes
Portlet Controller Request objects associated with this user's request.
Application Attributes
Information shared throughout the server (across all users).
System Information
Environment variables, such as Classpath, path, and so on.
Server Information
Information about the current front-end server.
Context Information
Servlet object information.
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