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JNDI Connection Factories
You can perform create, get, update, and delete operations on the following connection factory types:
*Connection Factory
*Topic Connection Factory
*Queue Connection Factory
*XA Connection Factory
The table describes the connection factory configuration parameters:
Required and unique. Name of the new connection factory. Once created, you cannot edit the JNDI connection factory name. For example, connectionfactory1.
Required. Type of connection factory selected when creating the connection factory. For example, XA Connection Factory.
This field cannot be edited.
Connection URL
Required. Universal Messaging server URL for binding the connection factory. For example, nsp://umhostname:9000. A cluster of server instances is specified using a comma-separated list of connection URLs, for example, nsp://localhost:9000,nsp://localhost:9010. You can use a round-robin connection factory to specify several connection URLs, where each connection URL can point to a standalone realm or a cluster. Round-robin connection factories allow clients to publish messages so that one message or transaction gets published to the first realm node or cluster, the next message to the next realm node or cluster, and so on. For a round-robin connection factory, each connection URL is bounded by a set of brackets: (nsp://{hostname}:{port}). Examples:
*(UM1)(UM2)(UM3)(UM4) - Indicates four standalone server instances: UM1, UM2, UM3 and UM4, four connections are created.
*(UM1,UM2)(UM3,UM4) - Indicates two clusters, one consisting of UM1 and UM2 and the other consisting of UM3 and UM4, only two connections are created.
*(UM1)(UM2,UM3)(UM4) - Indicates one cluster consisting of UM2 and UM3, and two standalone realms, namely UM1 and UM4. A total of three connections are created.
Round-robin delivery is not supported for XA Connection Factory.
Durable type
Select the durable type. The durable type Named is selected by default.
You can configure the durable type property only for Connection Factory and Topic Connection Factory.
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