Dynamic Apps Platform : webMethods BPM Process Development Help : Process Engine Services : pub.prt.tn:getRoleInfo
WmPRT. Fetches role information for a specified role in process.
Use this service within processes that involve webMethods Trading Networks.
The returned information includes the internal ID of the partner within the Trading Networks system, which you can use to retrieve the Trading Networks profile information.
Input Parameters
Document The ProcessData portion of the pipeline, which is standard information available for all processes. The structure of this document (IData object) is defined by pub.prt.admin:changeProcessStatus.
String Name of the role for which you want to retrieve information.
Output Parameters
Document Conditional. Role information that is currently available for the specified role. The structure of this document (IData object) is defined by pub.prt.tn:RoleInfo. This parameter is not present if no documents have been sent to or received for this role.
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