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WmPRT. This service associates a "friendly name" (the customID) with a Process Instance identifier. This friendly name can be used to search for the process instance in webMethods Monitor.
This service does not reference the logging level set by the user in webMethods Monitor, so all pertinent information is logged regardless of the logging level setting.
Input Parameters
String Process Instance ID to be associated with the customID.
String The "friendly name" of the Process Instance you wish to associate with the ProcessInstanceID.
The use of the characters “&” and “=”are restricted in this parameter. For example, if you create a custom ID with a format of <fieldname1>=<valuename1> or <fieldname1>=<valuename1>&<fieldname2>=<valuename2>, then Monitor will create a column for each field name and display the value of the value name in that column.
Output Parameters
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