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WmPRT. Logs process activity messages to the IS Core Audit Log database.
This service does not reference the logging level set by the user in webMethods Monitor, so all pertinent information is logged regardless of the logging level setting.
Input Parameters
String Optional. Complete message to record in the IS Core Audit Log database. The message can be up to 1024 bytes.
String Optional. Shortened version of the full message. The message can be up to 240 bytes.
String Flag indicating the type of message. The following values apply:
*Message — Indicates that the message is informational and no action is needed.
*Warning — Indicates that the message is a warning message. The process can complete successfully even if the circumstance causing the warning is not addressed.
*Error — Default. Indicates that the message is an error message. The process cannot complete successfully until the circumstance causing the error is resolved.
Output Parameters
Usage Notes
This service can be added either to the flow service generated for a process step or to services called within that step. The service logs the input parameters to the PRA_STEP_MESSAGE log file in the IS Core Audit Log database.
Logged activity messages can be viewed in webMethods Monitor on the Process Instance Status and Service Details pages. For more information about viewing activity messages in webMethods Monitor, see the webMethods Monitor documentation.
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