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WmPRT. This service cleans up process debugger database tables by deleting records before a given timestamp.
Process Debug database records are deleted when the session ends or a new session is started. However, sometimes in the case of failures, such as the package being reloaded during debugging, data can be left in the database tables. This service can be used to delete all old records based on a timestamp provided by the user.
Input Parameters
String Optional. Date prior to which to delete Process Debug records. For example, 05/10/12. The beforeDate parameter requires the use of the pattern parameter.
The current timestamp is used to populate this field if no value is specified. This results in the deletion of all Process Debug records created prior to running this service.
String Optional. Format of beforeDate value. For example, dd/MM/yy. The pattern parameter requires the use of the beforeDate parameter. This service uses the Java SimpleDateFormat class to parse dates.
String Optional. Number of days prior to today. For example, 4.
Output Parameters
Usage Notes
This service can be scheduled using a wrapper service or run manually. Do not run this service while debug sessions are active. Allow any active debug sessions to complete before running this service.
If the service cannot parse the date, it does not delete any records, and displays the following message: Parameters supplied could not be formed into a date for deletion.
The service displays a message upon successful deletion of records: Database tables were deleted before date . The date is localized and uses the following format: MM dd yyyy HH:mm:ss a. For example: Aug 12, 2012 12:00:00 AM.
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