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WmPRT. Truncates the Process Audit table WMPROCESSATREST. You can schedule this service to run on an interval of your choosing using the Integration Server Scheduler. For more information, see the topic “Scheduling Services” in the PDF publication webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide.
This service is relevant for users who are implementing the optional database partitioning scripts for Process Audit data archiving. In that case, the ProcessAtRest table contains an entry for every completed process instance which, at some point, must be cleaned up. Use this service for that purpose only.
If you are not using database partitioning for Process Audit Archive, this service is not relevant as the table will contain 0 entries by definition.
Input Parameters
Output Parameters
String Flag indicating whether the table was truncated. The following values apply:
*true — The table was truncated.
*false — No truncation occurred.
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