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Moving Process Steps Using the Keyboard
The ability to move a process step with the keyboard is native Eclipse functionality. That is, the functionality is not contributed by the Process Development feature. The procedure is presented here for convenience.
To move process steps using the keyboard
1. Click a single process step in the process editor to select it.
2. Press the period (.) key on the keyboard.
3. Press the up, down, left, and right arrow keys on the keyboard to move the selected steps to its new position, then do one of the following:
*To cancel the move, click an empty location on the process editor's canvas.
*To complete the move, press the Enter key or the period (.) key.
After you select a step, the first press of the period (.) key selects the step for moving. For each subsequent press of the period (.) key, the focus will move through each of the resizing handles on the step.
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