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Working with Subscription Filters
Adding a Subscription Filter
Configuring a Subscription Filter
Removing a Subscription Filter
A subscription filter enables you to define the instances of a document that can trigger or join a process, based on values in specific fields in the subscription document. Subscription filtering occurs after a subscription document arrives.
You can define a subscription filter for any receive step, with two exceptions:
1. Receive tasks that use the Simple Service (For Synchronous Receive/Send) protocol do not have subscription filters. This protocol represents two-way messaging with specified sender and receiver, so filtering is not necessary. For more information about receive tasks, see About Receive Tasks.
2. Message start and message intermediate events that use the EDA (For EDA Event Triggered Processes) protocol do not have subscription filters. The filtering for EDA events occurs before the events reach the step. For more information, see About Message Start Events and About Message Start Events.
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