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Working with Process Versions
Creating a New Process Version
About Releasing New Process Versions
Each Designer process has a Version, displayed in the Properties view of the process. Upon initial creation, the process version is 1. You can create a new process version.
If you change a process-wide property, such as renaming a process or a package, Designer prompts you to regenerate the process.
The Version field must not exceed 50 characters.
When you create a new version of a process, you can then upload it to the Process Audit Database for analysis or build it and upload it to Integration Server for execution.
Upload for Analysis Only
Build and upload for execution
You cannot change the subscription filter from one process version to another. Doing so will prevent correlation with any existing (already running) instances, resulting in a "No trigger available for incoming document" error. In addition, you cannot modify the IS document type between versions.
Both uploads (for analysis, and for execution) insert information about the process into the Process Audit metadata tables, for viewing in My webMethods Server.
Process Audit Table
Process Information Uploaded
Process name, ID, description, version QOS settings, type (BAM or BPM), and enablement status
Step labels, IDs, coordinates
The image for display in My webMethods Server
Name and coordinates of transitions
Custom logged fields
Also, for BPM-executable processes, Designer uploads information about what was last built (generated) to the WMGENERATIONRECEIPT table. This information is used by webMethods Deployer for use in moving a process from one environment to another.
You cannot delete a process model on My webMethods Server if an instance of that process has ever been executed. For more information, see webMethods Monitor User’s Guide.
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