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Working with the Default Escalation Process
The default process is pre-configured to interact with the other default assets of Closed Loop Analytics. In other words, you do not need to make any changes to the process to obtain the expected run-time behavior. However, in certain cases you may need to provide data mapping, as described in Mapping Data Fields in the Wrapper Services. In addition, a task error handling step is included, but will not provide any action unless you specify an Integration Server service or a web service to process the error.
Also, the process can complete with one of two end message event steps, Task Expiration Reminder and Task Error Message. These steps are configured to publish the pipeline of the service in the form of the ProcessEscalation IS document type. If you want to take further action based on these outputs, you will need to create your own custom applications to handle them.
For more information about the default escalation process workflow and customizing the default escalation process, see webMethods Closed Loop Analytics Help.
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