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Working with Stages
Adding a Stage
Selecting a Stage
Editing a Stage
Deleting a Stage
Synchronizing Stage Settings
webMethods Process Tracker emits events for stage started, stage breached, and stage completed activity. For example, you can define a condition that a stage must run to completion in more or less than a specified amount of time. If the stage runs as described, the stage is completed. If the stage execution time falls outside of the defined condition, the stage is breached.
If a particular stage in a process instance is breached, you may want to stop tracking of stages for the process instance. You can configure an option on any stage to stop tracking for all stages in the process if that stage is breached. This prevents unneeded processing and notifications. For more information, see Adding a Stage.
On the Stages page in the Properties view of a process, you can do the following:
*Adding a Stage
*Selecting a Stage
*Editing a Stage
*Deleting a Stage
When you work with stages in Designer, you must be aware of the interaction of stage settings between Designer and webMethods Monitor. For more information, see About Synchronizing Process Runtime Settings with webMethods Monitor .
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