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Viewing a Process Instance Diagnostic Log File
When a process model is enabled for process instance diagnostic logging, a log file is created in the directory Software AG_directory /IntegrationServer/serverName/instances/instance_name/packages/WmPRT/log, with a file name of processInstanceID.log. If the process is running on multiple servers (for example, in a distributed environment), a diagnostic log file is created on each server that runs the process. In this case, you must view all of the instance logs to get a complete picture of the instance activity. The log file name is the same on each server.
You can view the file in any text editor, or you can dynamically monitor the file in a command session using the tail command. The tail command is available on all Linux and UNIX systems, and on some Windows systems. If your Windows system does not offer the tail command, you can download it from the following locations:
*As part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools available from Microsoft.
*As an executable from Sourceforge.
Message entries are formatted as follows:
[timestamp messageID threadID] processInstanceID:iteration stepID message
All messages that are not pertinent to the process instance (for example, correlation of an incoming document) are sent to the server.log file.
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