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Changing Task Images
You can change the default image that Designer displays inside a task step. You cannot change the task step icon. When you change the task type icon, you can choose from a default set of system images within Designer, or you can use a custom image.
You cannot change the internal images for call activities, subprocesses, gateways, or events.
To change a task image
1. In the process editor, right-click the task.
2. Click Choose Image and do one of the following:
*To replace the default image with a system image, click the image you want on the Shared Images tab.
*To remove a system image and return to the default image, click Restore Defaults.
*To apply a custom image, click Browse to locate and select an image from your system. The default image size is 21 x 21 pixels. You can use images in SVG, JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats. Designer resizes images to 21 x 21 pixels if they are not already this size.
3. Click OK.
4. Save the process.
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