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Troubleshooting a Process
When you develop a new process model, there may be times when the process does not execute as expected, and you want to find out why. Similarly, an existing process model may suddenly begin to behave in an unexpected manner, and you want to know why. The Process Engine provides you with the ability to gather troubleshooting information in the following ways:
*You can collect a package of comprehensive process information for troubleshooting purposes. For more information, see the chapter “Collecting Process Troubleshooting Information” in the PDF publication Administering webMethods Process Engine.
*You can collect logging information, as described in
You can use this information for your own troubleshooting efforts, and you may be asked to provide either or both of the above to Software AG Global Support if you have opened a support issue.
In addition, you can take advantage of other means of examining process instance runtime results in webMethods Monitor. With proper logging settings, you can examine the process instance pipeline, modify the pipeline, and resubmit a process instance. The Process Details page provides a great deal of information about the process instance, including a graphical representation of the process annotated with step statuses. For more information, see the “Process Monitoring” chapter of the PDF publication webMethods Monitor User’s Guide.
You can also use the Process Simulation feature in Software AG Designer to test the behavior of your model with data and conditions that the process would normally work with when it is implemented in the run-time environment. For more information, see the webMethods BPM Process Simulation Help.
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