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Synchronizing ARIS Processes
You can synchronize an ARIS process to upload your changes and push them to ARIS users, request a model review, delegate the implementation to someone, or finalize the implementation. All ARIS users in the relevant ARIS server role(s) receive a notification that the updated model is available and can view the model in ARIS Architect.
To synchronize an ARIS process
1. In the Solutions view, right-click the ARIS process model you want to synchronize.
2. Click ARIS > ARIS Synchronization.
3. In the ARIS Synchronization dialog box, select an Action:
*Request review for model to request a model review
*Upload for update in ARIS to push your changes to ARIS in response to an Initiate update
*Finish implementation to mark a model as complete
*Delegate implementation to delegate the implementation to someone
Optionally, enter a Description and a Message to accompany the selected Action.
4. Click the Upload Documentation Report for the process check box to invoke the Generate HTML Documentation Report dialog box and upload the Process Documentation Report with the model. Refer to Generating Documentation Reports for more information.
5. Designer runs the Process Export Wizard in the background and sends the XPDL to the stored ARIS server location configured in ARIS Server preferences. See Configuring ARIS Server Preferences.
6. The ARIS server queues a task and sends an email notification to the ARIS user that includes information about the process available to be updated, and links to do so in ARIS Architect. IDs are maintained from Designer back into ARIS.
7. After the ARIS server task is accepted by an ARIS user, it disappears from the ARIS Tasks view in Designer.
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