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EDA Predefined Process Event Types
Process Instance Change
Process Instance Error
Process Instance Log Custom ID
Process Instance Log Message
Process Step Instance Change
Process Step Instance Error
Process Step Instance Transition
Process Step Loop Instance Change
Process Stage Events
These process event schemas can be found in the folder Software AG_directory \common\EventTypeStore\WebM\Process\2.0
The following predefined process event types are available:
Event Type
Emitted when changes are applied to a process instance and defines the resulting status.
Emitted when a process instance error condition occurs.
Emitted when the service pub.prt.log:logCustomId is invoked in a process model step.
Emitted when the service pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages is invoked in a process model step.
Emitted when a change occurs to the status of a step instance.
Emitted when a step error occurs in a process instance.
Emitted when a transition from one step to another occurs.
Emitted when a step loop starts or completes. This applies to steps that are configured for BPMN standard looping.
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