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Specifying Correlations
Receive tasks designated Allow this receive task to start new process instance, message start events, and signal start events should initiate a correlation. Receive tasks NOT designated Allow this receive task to start new process instance, catching message intermediate events, and catching signal intermediate events should look up a correlation key or service. In all cases, you specify the correlation on the Correlation page in the Properties view of the step.
To specify a correlation
1. In the process editor, select a receive task, message start event, signal start event, catching message intermediate event, or catching signal intermediate event.
2. On the Correlation page in the Properties view, do one of the following:
*Select Not Used to specify no correlation service.
*Select Field to specify a field from the subscription document as the correlation key. Expand the list to see available fields from which you can select.
*Select Browse... to open the Choose Service window and locate a service on an Integration Server or in metadata.
*Select New... to open the New Flow Service window and create a new service on a configured Integration Server.
*Select View... to open the selected service in the flow service editor.
The View... button is available only when a service is specified in the Service field.
When an Integration Server connection is required but not available, Designer prompts you to connect. If no Integration Server is configured, Designer prompts you to configure one so you can connect to it.
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