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Specifying Business Calendar Timeout Values
After you specify the business calendar you want to use, you can specify a time value as follows:
*For process timeouts, click the drop-down list in the Days, Hours, and Minutes fields and select a value.
*For join timeouts and timer event timer conditions, click the Browse button next to the field you are working with. This enables you to specify the name of a data field present in the pipeline from an upstream document to dynamically define the value at run time, or to select a fixed value from a list.
The following guidelines apply to the available fields:
*Days. Specify the number of days from the starting point of the timeout timer. Only business days as defined by the selected business calendar are counted.
*Hours. Specify the number of hours to add or subtract from the Days value. A positive value will extend into the next business day, a negative value represents hours before the end of the business day.
*Mins. Specify the number of minutes to add or subtract from the Hours value.
Business calendar timing is not precise; the approximate accuracy is about 1 minute. For example, the actual timeout may be triggered up to one minute later than the specified time.
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