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Process Debugging
From time to time, a process model may fail to execute as expected in the Process Engine run-time environment. Although it is not part of the Process Engine run-time environment, a Process Debug perspective is available in Software AG Designer. By loading a process model into this perspective, you can analyze the process behavior with these capabilities:
*Trace View — The Trace view enables you to control your navigation through steps, and to see the progress of those steps, including errors, during a process debugging session.
*Pipeline Data View — The Pipeline Data view displays the pipeline data associated with the output of the step selected in the Trace view. You can expand the information displayed to see more details of the data from the pipeline for the selected step, providing an opportunity to troubleshoot the behavior of the overall process at the step level. You can also copy the pipeline of one or more steps to the clipboard, and you can modify certain pipeline data fields to test alternative behaviors.
*Breakpoints View — The Breakpoints view displays a list of breakpoints that exist in your workspace. The Breakpoints view has its own tool bar where you can enable and disable selected breakpoints, remove selected or all breakpoints, and skip all breakpoints.
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