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Invoking Child Processes
You can use a call activity to invoke a:
*webMethods referenced process (deprecated)
*BPMN callable process
Invoking a webMethods referenced process is identical to invoking a top-level process. No additional configuration is required. Invoking a BPMN callable process requires a none start event in the child process, as well as a global process specification (process inputs and outputs) for the child process.
If a callable process also contains a message or signal start event with a subscription filter, that start event is executed only when the callable process is not behaving as a child process.
When a callable process contains both a none start event and a message start event that is configured to use an EDA event type, the message start step and the none start step of the child process must be on different Integration Servers (that is, the Integration Server Name property must be different for each of the two steps). Otherwise a validation error occurs during the build and upload procedure.
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