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Handling Process and Step Errors
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About Boundary Event Error Behavior in a Subprocess
About End Error Event Behavior
In Process Engine version 8.1 and earlier, an error transition could be defined for a process step. With version 8.2 and later, error transitions are no longer available and are replaced with the BPMN 2.0 intermediate boundary error events when an 8.1 or earlier process is imported. For more information, see About Boundary Intermediate Error Events.
When you design a process, you can specify a process error handler step to be invoked when an error occurs in the process instance. You define a process wide error task on the Error tab in the Properties view of the process in Software AG Designer. The process passes the error pipeline from a failed step to the process error handler step, along with the ExceptionTransitionInfo document. You can then configure the behavior of the process error handler step to act on this information, with the goal of enabling the process to recover from the error and continue processing to a successful completion.
Providing proper error handling for your process model is considered a best practice. Implementing robust error handling within your process model helps ensure stable and predictable operation at run time.
For more information about designating a process error handler task, see Configuring a Process.
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