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About JMS-Triggered Process Generation
When Designer generates a process that uses a JMS trigger, the current protocol configuration specified in the Properties view is applied. This means that if you have modified the trigger in Integration Server and you subsequently change the JMS Properties on the Implementation page in the Properties view (Connection Alias and Destination Name), your previous trigger edits for these fields are overwritten. This is true for initial generation and subsequent regenerations.
Only the above mentioned JMS properties are overwritten. Other JMS trigger properties modified in the trigger are retained.
To be able to build and upload a JMS-triggered process, you must have Software AG Universal Messaging installed, running with an appropriate connection factory, and the associated triggers enabled. For information about configuring Software AG Universal Messaging, see the PDF publication Administering webMethods Process Engine.
When a JMS-triggered process uses the PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS connection alias, that alias must have the Manage Destinations option shown as Yes in the connection alias Advanced Settings. For more information, see Setting the Manage Destination Option for a Connection Alias.
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