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Failing a Running Process Instance
To create an action to fail a running process instance
1. Select the Fail a running process instance option as described in Starting a New Process Instance.
2. Click Next.
3. On the New Process Action page, select one or more process model names to fail all running instances of those models. Click Next.
4. On the Service Type Selection page, select the type of service you want to use to get the list of running processes to be failed. You can use a pre-defined webMethods built-in service, or you can use a custom service you write yourself. Click Built-in Service or Custom Service.
If you use a custom service, you must use the output signature we provide: pub.monitor.process.actions.CustomImplOutputDoc. For more information on this service, see webMethods Monitor Built-In Services Reference. For information on creating your own service, see webMethods Service Development Help.
Click Next and do one of the following:
*If you selected Built-In Service, on the Service Inputs page, click the Add icon and enter your service input criteria. Click Next.
*If you selected Custom Service, on the Service Selection page, browse to and select the Integration Server service you want to use to identify the processes to be suspended (you must have an active connection to an Integration Server). Click Next.
5. On the Process Action Default Values page, specify any default data field values you want to include. These values are overridden when data is provided from an associated process. Click Next.
6. On the Process Action Return Value page, select a return value check box as required.
7. Click Finish.
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