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Designer Workspace
When you start Designer the first time, you are prompted to select a workspace. You can accept the default location (c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\workspace90), or choose a different location.
Stored in this directory are:
*Projects (process projects, task projects, etc.)
*Folders inside projects
*Processes and local process assets (the workspace index)
*The log (in <workspace directory>/.metadata/.log)
*Preferences settings
If you switch workspaces using File > Switch Workspace and choose a new directory, you will no longer see the same items as above. Each workspace contains its own set of projects, processes, preferences, and local metadata.
By default, Designer prompts you for a workspace every time you start it. You can choose to have it accept a default workspace and not prompt you. You can configure this option at startup by checking the Use this as the default and do not ask again box in the Workspace Launcher window, or at any other time by going to Window > Preferences > General > Startup and Shutdown.
For additional workspace information, see webMethods BPM and CAF Workspace Metadata Help. For Eclipse-related information, refer to Eclipse Help.
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