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Deleting a Process Step
You can delete a process step at any time. When you delete the step, all of its incoming and outgoing transition lines are deleted, along with all other step information. Designer provides the standard Eclipse Undo/Redo functionality, so you can undo your deletion, even after you save the process. You cannot undo the deletion after you close your current Designer session.
When you delete a step that contains a start milestone or an end milestone marker for a process stage, that process stage is deleted along with the step (you are prompted for confirmation before the stage is deleted). If the step contains multiple milestone markers, all of the associated stages are deleted. For more information, see Stages and Milestones.
Deleting a step that is contained in a process stage without first synchronizing the stage settings with the database can lead to the process being out of sync with edits performed in Monitor, resulting in unexpected behavior. Always click the stage settings Synchronize button immediately before you delete any steps in Designer that are contained in a stage. For more information, see About Synchronizing Process Runtime Settings with webMethods Monitor .
To delete one or more process steps on the process editor's canvas
Do one of the following:
1. Open the process model you want to work with in the process editor.
2. Select the step or steps you want to delete. Hold down the CTRL key while you click to multi-select.
3. Do any of the following:
*Right-click and click Delete.
*Press the DELETE key on your keyboard.
*Click Edit > Delete in the main menu.
4. Save the process.
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