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Configuring Default Documentation Fields Preferences
Adding Default Documentation Fields
Editing Default Documentation Fields
Removing Default Documentation Fields
Importing and Exporting Default Documentation Fields
You can define default documentation fields in your Designer workspace. Default documentation fields apply to all Designer processes, and are always included in generated HTML Documentation Reports. You can edit these properties; export them to an XML file for use in other Designer installations; and import them from an XML file. You don't have to enter values for all global documentation definition fields, but you can't remove them except from the Default Documentation Fields page in the Preferences window.
When you remove default documentation fields, you remove them from all future Designer projects. Existing projects retain the fields that have values assigned to them, but new ones will not have them at all.
On the Default Documentation Fields page in the Preferences window, you can add and remove default documentation fields for processes, events, activities, gateways, and swimlanes. You can also import and export files that contain these default documentation fields, making sharing default documentation fields among related projects easy.
Default documentation fields are represented by the  Default Documentation Field icon, allowing you to distinguish a default field from a local one.
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