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Cutting or Copying Process Steps
When you cut or copy a step, all step properties are cut or copied as well, including its label, icon, step type, description, documentation fields, logged fields, and inputs and outputs. Outgoing transitions and transition conditions from the step are included if the target step is selected for cut or copy at the same time.
If the target step is not selected, outgoing transitions and transition conditions are lost when you paste the step. Transition lines must be cut or copied with their source and target steps; you cannot cut or copy and paste them separately.
To cut or copy one or more process steps on the process editor's canvas
1. Select a single step or note
CTRL+click, SHIFT+click, or use the cursor to draw a marquee around steps and/or notes to select multiple steps or notes.
2. CTRL+C, Edit > Copy, or right-click and select Copy
CTRL+X, Edit > Cut, or right-click and select Cut.
You can undo a cut with CTRL+Z, Edit > Undo Cut, or right-click and select Undo Cut. You can also “redo” a cut that you undo with CTRL+Y, Edit  > Redo Cut, or right-click and select Redo Cut.
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